February 17th, 2010


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I've been sick for the past few days, but I think I'm finally getting over it. Stuffed nose, stuffed ears, sore throat, coughing up lungs, but no fever, so I don't think it was flu. Anyway, it's finally better.

For people who like audiobooks, John O'Neill of Black Gate Magazine posted a review of Dark Adventure Radio: The Shadow Over Innsmouth But it’s the audio drama itself that’s the real draw, and it is marvelous. The source material – a period mystery that begins as a tightly plotted detective story narrated by a highly observant and articulate student to his FBI contact, and ends as a tale of eldritch horror — is splendid, of course. But the adaptation, by Sean Branney with Andrew Lemon, voice acting (particularly Matt Foyer as Robert Olmstead) and the sound effects, are all top-notch.

I've been reading Quatrain and Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn and really enjoying them. Quatrain is a collection of four novellas, each set in a different world from her earlier books, and it's a great place to figure out which series/book of hers you want to start reading. She writes very strong romantic relationship stories set in very cool fantasy or science fiction worlds.

One of her newest is a YA fantasy Gateway As a Chinese adoptee in St. Louis, teenage Daiyu often feels out of place. When an elderly Asian jewelry seller at a street fair shows her a black jade ring—and tells her that "black jade" translates to "Daiyu"—she buys it as a talisman of her heritage. But it's more than that; it's magic. It takes Daiyu through a gateway into a version of St. Louis much like 19th century China. Almost immediately she is recruited as a spy, which means hours of training in manners and niceties and sleight of hand...