February 26th, 2010

Atlantis 3

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I had fun this morning, in that I was almost at the exit for the hospital when I remembered I had left the paperwork for my blood test in the kitchen. Turn around, drive back across town in morning traffic, get paperwork, head back to the hospital just as it starts raining. Rainstorm follows me across town, in time to turn and start back the other way when I leave. At least it only took the tech two tries to get my blood. (I can apparently will my veins to sink down inside my body at the first sight of a needle, but can't will them back up again.)

From suricattus: Why A Little Research is Better Than Looking like A Moron about an article in the Jewish Review of Books that declared that there are no major fantasy writers who are Jewish. Nope, none, not a one, except for Robert Silverberg, Guy Gavriel Kay, Jane Yolen, Michael Chabon, Peter Beagle, Avram Davidson, Phyllis Gotlieb, Jack Dann, Michael Burstein, Esther Friesner, etc and etc. (Speaking of, there are reprints available of Wandering Stars and More Wandering Stars, anthologies of Jewish SF/F that first came out in the 1975 and 1981.)

Walter Koenig's son was found dead. CNN: Missing actor's body found in Vancouver