March 2nd, 2010

Watch That Plant

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From Ansible's As Others See Us section:

AS OTHERS SEE US, WORRIEDLY. The New Yorker on the company kept by Paul Krugman: "Last August, Krugman decided that [...] he would take a couple of days to speak at the sixty-seventh world science-fiction convention, to be held in Montreal. (Krugman has been a science-fiction fan since he was a boy.) At the convention, there was a lot of extremely long hair, a lot of blue hair, and a lot of capes. There was a woman dressed as a cat, there was a woman with a green brain attached to her head with wire, there was a person in a green face mask, there was a young woman spinning wool. There was a Jedi and a Storm Trooper. Those participants who were not dressed as cats were wearing T-shirts with something written on them [...] Sitting up onstage at the science-fiction convention, Krugman looked happy to be there. It seemed that these were, in some worrying sense, his people." (1 March) [GF]

ETA: the Ansible site has a random quote generator for its "As Others See Us" collection. Hit "try again" and it will pull another random quote from a previous issue.