March 7th, 2010


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We went to Sherwood Forest Faire yesterday, and had an excellent time. It's the first year it's been open, and it's very nice, much bigger and a better site than the Excalibur Faire at Smithville. About 95% of it is under tree cover, and it's very spread out to allow space for new booths and tents. There were a large number of food booths, including a two-story Italian restaurant. It's weird to see Renfair booths that look new, but by next year everything should be nice and weathered.

We got there not long after it opened, and it wasn't crowded at all. (Even in the afternoon, when the parking lot started to fill up, it didn't feel crowded. The site is designed to absorb a lot of people. It was slightly overcast and there was a cool breeze. A bunch of the booths had outdoor fireplaces and chimineas, so (if you weren't near the horses) you could smell woodsmoke, incense, and food cooking. Very relaxing.

There was a lot more craft booths than you normally see at TRF anymore, with better prices. More handmade jewelry and clothes, a man doing scrimshaw, lots of apothecaries with herbs and teas and handmade soaps and lotions. I bought soap, tea, arnica salve, and got a free hand massage for my failing right hand. There were also a lot of games, lots of shows and music.

The food was good, too. I had two things I'd never had before: for breakfast baked eggs with pesto and bacon in a cup made out of biscuit dough. They were yummy and I'm going to try to make some at home. For lunch at the Italian place, morfin had calimari (or fried Admiral Ackbar as we like to call it) and I had an arancini (fried risotto ball) with spinach and cheese inside, and Italian cream sodas.

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The bad news is, I think I have an ear infection. I had a lingering cold a couple of weeks ago, and now I have an intermittent pain in my left ear, like when you're on an airplane and your ears don't pop. Only I'm not on an airplane. I suspect I'm going to have to go to the doctor.