March 8th, 2010

Stargate Monuments

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From alfreda89: Publishing, Printing, or Scam by Laura Resnick If you are thinking about self-publishing, you need to read this article.
“Self-publishing” and vanity-press scams (oh, sorry, “vanity publishing“) are not forms of publishing. They are two distinct methods of being PRINTED, not PUBLISHED.

“Self-publishing” is a legitimate set of PRINT services and products offered to people with book-length projects that are not suitable for PUBLISHING (ex. family memoir, church-group cookbook, guidebook to your small town, etc.) or whose authors choose not to pursue PUBLISHING.

“Vanity publishing,” by contrast, is the perfect con, preying on the dreams of desperate aspiring writers who are uneducated about how publishing works. A vanity press is “self-publishing” with inflated product prices and false “services” offered at equally inflated fees. Like other well-orchestrated cons, vanity scams have financially ruined people.

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From BoingBoing: The best D&D/Gaming room ever. I was never big into D&D, but I would love to play Call of Cthulhu or Cthulhu by Gaslight in there.

The Seventeenth Annual Spectrum Art Contest Winners

From Rick Klaw: Planet Comics Featuring artwork by two of the greatest female
artists to ever work in the comics...Lilly Renee & Fran Hopper!