March 15th, 2010


One Hundred Years Hence, the other photos

The exhibit is on the second floor of the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, and it should be up for about six months. It's basically an overview of their SF/F collection.

I got there at a little before the opening at 3:00, and it was already starting to fill up. There were a large number of students there, especially considering it was the Friday before Spring Break. There was a booksigning table in the reading room for James Gunn and Elizabeth Moon, and a local bookstore had supplies of their books for sale. By the time the presentation started at 3:30, the reading room had filled up, people were standing along the walls, and someone estimated that about 200 people there. Michael Moorcock also showed up, not as one of the speakers, but just there to see the exhibit.

The first case I saw:

On the impact of Star Trek, with a novelization, a fanzine, and some of the products.

Two handwritten letters by J.R.R. Tolkien

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