March 20th, 2010

John and Ronon Return

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After a week of spring and temps in the upper 60s, today started off early with a thunderstorm and now it's cold and rainy again. And the garage door, which has been failing since last year and which we can't afford to replace, decided to die today.

We can't afford it but we're replacing it anyway. At least it's going to be cheaper than the dead hot water heater. The good garage door company which fixed it last time (and explained how it had been incorrectly installed by Sears, which was why it took three people to manually open it) is coming to replace it. And yes, they're coming on a weekend with no extra fee, because apparently the competition in town for garage door companies is just that intense. (I guess most people don't know any better and call Sears. If you are lying on the ground bleeding from the head and the only chance to save yourself is to call Sears, don't do it. Unless you intend to curse them with your last breath, which I'm sure planning to when I get to that point.)