March 29th, 2010

Stargate Monuments

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A few quick links:

jimhines complete post of First Novel Survey Results In February of 2010, I began collecting information from professionally published novelists. My goal was to learn how writers broke in and made that first big novel deal, and to use actual data to confirm or bust some of the myths about making it as a novelist.

and the Library-Loving Challenge: Totals Report, Part 1 I was kind of surprised how few people commented to some blogs, where all it took was a comment to boost the donation amount.

Bent on Books: Rookie Mistakes common mistakes that new writers make.

Mystery writer Dean James posted this link on Facebook: In Search of Lily Wu This is a blog about a documentary filmmaker's research into the inspiration for Lily Wu, a Chinese female detective created by author Juanita Sheridan, in a book series first published in 1949.