April 6th, 2010


Stephen Hawking at A&M

I've been offline most of the time since Sunday, when our internet connection died. We've had an intermittent problem for about the past year, mostly due to the lines in this area being old and crappy. The Verizon tech came yesterday, when it took him fifteen minutes to figure out the problem was our modem, and more than an hour on the phone with Verizon Online trying to order a new modem. It hasn't arrived yet, so as of now, I still have only intermittent access on a neighbor's unsecured wireless.

Anyway, last night we saw Stephen Hawking at Rudder Auditorium on campus, and it was awesome. We've seen him once before, when he came in 2006 for a talk. (He's been here one more time, but we missed that one. It might have been a smaller event and so they didn't advertise it to the public. The Physics department professors who introduced him this time didn't quite have that level of delirious glee that they did the first time in 2006, but they still seemed pretty darn happy he was here.)

The tickets were only $5.00, so students could afford to come. Rudder Auditorium was sold out (it seats 2500 people) and the simulcast in the 750-seat Rudder Theater was also full. A lot of people brought their kids; despite that, the auditorium was completely silent while he was talking.

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