April 16th, 2010


Teen Book Drop

There's still time to participate in the Teen Book Drop Event to buy books for the school libraries of the Alchesay High School in the White Mountain Apache Reservation and Ojo Encino Day School in the Navajo Nation. You just buy the books from the wish lists for the schools at Powells.com, then have them shipped directly to the schools. The instructions for how to get to the wish lists and the shipping addresses are here: on GuysLitWire. Scroll down to the cover image of Flora Segunda, the instructions are in that paragraph.

There are hundreds of titles on the wish lists; I bought a book for each school and picking them out is a lot of fun. Colleen Mondor talks more about the challenge on her blog here, and about the selections one of the kids at the school made for the wish list.

Something else fun: SillOf's Workshop: Custom action figures, including Steampunk Star Wars, and what Star Wars would look like if it was directed by Akira Kurosawa.

ETA: Just got an email from Lulu with another coupon code, this one for free shipping of one book: Use coupon code FREEMAIL305 at checkout and receive $3.99 towards your final shipping cost. This amount is the US mail cost for a single book order. Please note: there will be a shipping total listed on your order receipt. This coupon code will reduce your final order total by $3.99, which is the US mail cost for a single book. My Lulu reprints are here, or you could use it for any book on Lulu.