April 20th, 2010


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Author Judith Tarr/Caitlin Brennan (dancinghorse) is having a writing mentoring sale. Services include plot help, R&D, editorial services of all kinds from line edits to general critique.
AND, if what you need doesn't require five hours' worth of work, I've got a new service on offer: Spot-checking and fact-checking. For $50 I will check specific portions of your project, up to 30 pages'/one hour's worth. Additional hours can be negotiated on an individual basis. Areas of expertise include include horses and equestrian subjects in general, historical periods (especially ancient Greece/Rome, Egypt, and Western Middle Ages), American Southwest, New England, Latin (Classical and Medieval).

Plus, she's also doing another round of Camp Lipizzan: Rates start at $350 for 3 days/2 nights, and include food, board, and hot and cold running Lipizzans. And lots and lots of lovely, peaceful writing time in a farmhouse in rural Arizona.

Things you can do that I had no idea still existed: Transatlantic crossings on the Queen Mary 2. It's a five day voyage. I wonder if it's booked up now due to volcano issues.

15 Bizarre Buildings including the kettle house in Texas.