April 29th, 2010

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Last night turned out to be very strange. At around 2:30 am, I was woken up by a pounding noise. Our bedroom is on the second story and our house is in a cul-de-sac, so the acoustics are odd. Sounds that are across the street will sound like they're close enough to be in our yard, and so on. But we had two windows open, one at the front of the room, looking down on our front yard, and one in the master bathroom, facing the side yard and our neighbors' house. But this was definitely pounding, and me being half-asleep, it sounded like it was coming from our garage. As I'm lying there thinking, "huh, that sounds like somebody trying to pound a door open" I suddenly hear a metallic clicking, which filled me with the conviction that somebody was breaking into our house, probably from the garage end.

That'll wake you up really fast. I woke morfin up and then hesitated to call the police because I was already second-guessing myself. (I have a problem with that in general.) We ran around trying to look out windows and see if there was anyone out there, but we couldn't see anyone. But we also don't have a window that overlooks the spot the noise seemed to have come from, unless we went into the garage, which we kind of didn't want to do at that moment. We couldn't hear anything else, and the porch lights front and back are all on motion sensors to save electricity, and they hadn't come on. So morfin went out the front door to see if anything was disturbed on that side of the house, just in time to meet the cops coming from across the street. (We didn't hear any sirens. They must have parked the car on the next street over and then walked in between the houses.) They asked us if we'd been the ones to call, we said no, but we'd heard something outside, and they said to go back in. So we did that, and they headed toward our next door neighbors' house.

We realized I must have been hearing the noise not from the front window, but from the back, the one facing the neighbors' side and back yard. Somebody apparently tried to break in, and they saw him through the window. (I guess the pounding that was loud enough for me to hear while asleep next door and one story up would have been pretty damn loud if it was happening to a door or window in your own house.)

So for a while, we sat in the dining room looking out the bay window watching cop cars drive around. I don't know if they found anybody, but this morning we could see one of the neighbors' window screens looked bent and half pulled off the window, so I think that was the metallic sound I heard. I can't think what the pounding was about. They must have thought the house was empty, or been amateurs or clueless kids, or completely crazy, or something. I have no idea.

Anyway, after the cops left I didn't get back to bed until 4:00, after reading for a while. Morfin tried to go back to sleep and ended up getting up again and staying up all night. Fun times! Not.

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