June 9th, 2010


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It's bucketing down rain here, which is good. Late May/June can often be the beginning of the drought season here and temps have been in the 90s and going up and up. Though it reminds me of a few years ago when a friend from Pennsylvania and a friend from England came to visit us for Memorial Day Weekend, and we went to San Antonio. Instead of the stereotypical hot and dry weather, we got the stereotypical violent thunderstorms. The trip was like driving under a waterfall.

Black Gate: Looking Back on the first Sword and Sorceress Anthology This was published in 1984, after Amazons by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. I remember looking for more books with women main characters, women as warriors, around this time (I'd already been reading Andre Norton and F.M. Busby), and these books were treasure troves.

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Roger Ebert: How Do They Get to be That Way? on the racist attack at Miller Valley Elementary in Arizona.