June 17th, 2010


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Katie Cowden, who I have known since she was a tiny baby, has had one of her photos posted on Warren Ellis' blog. She has prints available on ImageKind.


A couple of books from the comments on my post on Older Women as Main Characters:

Tehanu by Ursula Le Guin. This was my favorite of the sequels to the Earthsea Trilogy. It's set right after The Farthest Shore, after Tenar's (from The Tombs of Atuan) children are grown and her husband has died. Then Ged returns to her for help.

Mirabile by Janet Kagan. A radiation accident aboard the ship that colonized and terraformed the planet has caused genetic anomalies in plants and animals that appear without warning and can be deadly. Mama Jason is the leader of a group of genetic experts who have to try to contain and stop them. Despite the danger, this is one of those books that shows a world you'd really like to live in and people you'd like to live with. Kind of like all of Janet Kagan's books.


Oh, and I wanted to mention that the anthology Alembical 2 is out. I got an early copy of this and really enjoyed it. The blurb I gave it was: "From Pi's shapeshifting antiquities thief in modern London, to Levine's far-future astronaut clone who finds himself paying for sins he doesn't remember committing, to Cheney's fair folk in turn of the century Saratoga Springs, each novella portrays a complete and well-realized world, with engaging characters and great story-telling."