June 18th, 2010

We Come From Earth

Publishing Links for Beginning Writers

I've just updated the page on my web site Publishing Information Sites for Beginning Writers. This is an ongoing thing, I'm still collecting links for it, and expect to be doing it for some time. I'm trying to stick to the basics to keep the list from getting overly long, but whenever I run across an article or site that I think would be useful to someone who is just starting out and considering pursuing publication for their work, I add it.

Right now the articles are divided into seven loose categories (subject to change without notice):

Basic Information: definitions, what the publishing process is, what a legitimate publisher is and how to recognize one.

Craft of Writing/the Writing Life: this is a very loose category, and I'm trying to use it for links to mentoring services, links about pursuing publication in general.

Business of Writing Information: a perspective on self-publishing, explanation of the Thor Power Tools decision and how it effected publishing, the difference between a distributor and a wholesaler (something that is very important in avoiding being scammed by a vanity press).

Preparing a Manuscript for Submission: basic info on manuscript format, plus a link to Ralan.

Then articles on Finding an Agent (how agents work), Writing Queries (articles about what to do and not do), and Writing Proposals.

Obviously it doesn't cover everything (I just realized I need a general link warning about scam writing contests) but remember, you can always ask me stuff. Really, you can, it makes me feel useful. Especially if you are even vaguely afraid you are being caught in a writing scam, please do ask me. If I don't know the answer, I can probably find someone who does, or at least give you a direction to look in. You can do it in email through my web site contact form if you don't want to do it in comments.