June 24th, 2010


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brownkitty asked: Do you keep a regular writing schedule (only during certain times, so many hours per day, etc), and if so do you find it useful?

I kind of do, in that I basically start in the morning and go through to the late afternoon. I take breaks for errands, household stuff, aerobics classes, involuntary naps, and then, if the writing is really going well, I'll start up again in the evening. Sometimes if I'm having trouble, it'll take me most of the morning to get started, and I'll write through the afternoon and evening.

When I worked full time in computer support, I wrote at work, in between calls to go fix stuff and while I was waiting for programs to run. A huge number of people have written entire novels in tiny bits of time crammed in between full time jobs, taking care of kids, etc. So it's great if you can have an actual schedule with blocks of time reserved, but it's not a deal-breaker.

Still taking writing questions here, about publishing or writing in general or my writing.