June 30th, 2010


More Writing Questions

We're supposed to be getting rain from Hurricane Alex today, and I hope it hits soon. It shouldn't be very serious, at least around here, but we really need the rain.


galdrin asked: Do you think you will ever write a follow-up to The Death of the Necromancer?

To a certain extent, the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy was a follow-up to The Death of the Necromancer, since some of the same characters appeared. But if you mean a direct sequel to it, basically, I don't know. :) Maybe someday!

melissajm asked What do you do if, after a vivid start, a story loses momentum and you don't know how to end it?

That's kind of a tough one. When I have a plotting problem, where I'm really stuck, what I usually find is that I need to backtrack a little and figure out where the plot first started to go off the rails. It's like you've taken three wrong turns and ended up in a blind alley. You can't find your way out standing in the blind alley, you have to go back and find your first wrong turn and start over from there. So it may not be the ending that's the problem, it may be the middle that led to this ending that doesn't work. Does that make sense?

Still taking writing questions here, about publishing or writing in general or my writing.