July 1st, 2010

John Green Tree

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jjschwabach asked: As a follow-up to mellisajm's question, if you have to backtrack a long way, do you try to save favorite scenes to see if you can rework them for later use, or do you think it's better to just cut out everything that's happened since things went wrong, and start fresh from that point?

I definitely save them. Even if the plot has problems, there may be bits of characterization, dialog, descriptions, other details, that still need to be in the story. This can be one of the reasons it's hard to tell that your plot has taken a wrong turn: the scenes themselves are working, they're just leading the story off in the wrong direction.

Still taking writing questions here, about publishing or writing in general or my writing.


We still haven't gotten any hurricane rain, though everybody else in the state has. It's overcast, intermittently windy, 90% humidity (that's kind of normal here though), but no rain. I need to go pick up cat medicine from the vet this morning, so it'll probably drop buckets then.