July 5th, 2010

Stargate Pyramid

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Spent most of the holiday weekend catching up on laundry. (I dry it outside, so when we have a few rainy days in a row it tends to pile up.) And we did a lot of eating. I made my mother's recipe for chocolate mayonnaise cake, and it was yummy as usual. On Sunday we went to a barbeque at a cafe that serves food made from mostly local products, where all the meat was from a local ranch that has all pasture-raised cattle. I had the best chopped beef sandwich ever, on focaccia bread.

Unfortunately, I think I've got another sick cat. I don't know if Bella caught Harry's upper respiratory infection, or it's something else, but it looks like the vet again for us today.


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Black Coat Press is releasing The Song of Montsegur by Sylvie Miller & Philippe Ward, adapted by Brian Stableford

A team of spelunkers is found dead in mysterious circumstances in the shadow of the once-proud Cathar redoubt of Montsegur, in Southern France. What mysterious treasure were they seeking--and did they find it? ...