July 7th, 2010


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Got Bella to the vet, managed to get enough of the medicine down her once we got back, and she's been eating again, so that's a relief.

A post by Kate Elliot: How the act of writing changes the mental vision. How the act of writing changes the mental vision is one of the most profound and inexplicable elements of writing for me. I say this with the understanding that every writer’s process is different, and ought (I think) to be different.

Link from Jay Lake: Ta-Nehisi Coates: Cutting Off the Ring He's talking about a piece of advice from Jim Fallows, who calls it "How Not to be a Bully Coward."

The point here isn't to not hold people you write about accountable, or to lapse into mealy-mouthed "on the other hand"-ism. It is as, Jim says, to minimize the gap. If you know something is right and your find yourself shrinking from saying it when in the presence of certain company, then you should speak louder—though your voice may shake. If you find yourself hurling epithets behind the keyboard, but meek in the presence of your subjects, then you should reconsider your faith in those epithets.