July 8th, 2010

Stargate Monuments

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I actually hadn't heard of this kind of site/scam before: Writer Beware: How to Fail on the Internet Without Really Trying: AuthorForSale.com For a year's membership, authors must hand over US$225 (act fast, and you'll get a 25% discount). Publishers and agents must pay...wait for it...US$5,600.

Um, yeah. Good luck with that. Authors, unfortunately, can easily be persuaded to part with their money, but somehow I don't think that publishers and agents will be lining up to pay thousands of dollars for access to what they're already drowning in for free.

Table of contents and cover for People of the Book (Am ha-Sefer): A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction & Fantasy

From Bill Crider: A new Jake Lassiter eBook by Paul Levine, with all proceeds going to charity.