July 14th, 2010

Stargate in Distance

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Last night I made braised short ribs, bought from Wild Type ranch at the Farmers' Market, for the first time. They turned out pretty well, very tender, though now I know that the next time I do it I need to a) use a bigger pan, and b) wait till it's winter when it won't be so freaking hot in the kitchen.

Stroppy Author: the World's Changed, Move On

One of my favorite series: Black Gate: a review of The Door into Fire by Diane Duane The Door Into Fire is about magic power, overcoming old tragedies, and the beginning of an epic kingdom-changing quest. It’s about a very hands-on Goddess and how she deals with her creation.

But it’s also about sex. Sex and love, sex and jealousy, sex in a culture where bisexuality and polyamory seem to be the default — sex that starts from a different set of assumptions than the average American reader carries around.

The series has been plagued by publishing disasters since the first book was released in 1979, but it's really worth it to track down the three books that have been published.