July 20th, 2010


Good Publishing News

Good publishing news, at least for me.

If you've been following this LJ for a few years, you may remember that back in March, 2008, I finished a new fantasy novel called The Cloud Roads, and around October, 2009, I finished a sequel to it, called The Serpent Sea. My wonderful agent, Jennifer Jackson (arcaedia) of the Donald Maass Agency, has been trying to sell The Cloud Roads since summer 2008, and it's made the rounds of several publishers.

And then on June 25, she did it, we got an offer, and today, we got the contract. The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea have officially sold to Night Shade Books.


Really, there is not enough YAY in the world! This marks the end of a two to three year dry spell for me (it feels like about ten years), and two of three books I finished during that dry spell are now sold, and I can't express how I good I feel about that without bursting into tears.

So many thanks to arcaedia for believing in me and these books, and for all my friends who read them and kept telling me to stop freaking out, it was only a matter of time.

Now I have to go print contracts and read them and run to the post office to mail them and other businessy stuff I haven't had to do for a long time.