July 22nd, 2010

Stargate in Distance

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I keep wanting to thank everybody individually for all the wonderful comments, but I'm afraid my hands will fall off. (My tendinitis/hand pain issues are a lot better than they used to be a couple of years ago, but I try not to push it.) Anyway, thanks again to everybody. :)

Other people's books:


A Star Shall Fall by Marie Brennan. This will be out next month, but I got to read an Arc of it and really enjoyed it. It's set in 1759 London, where the Onyx Court, a fairy court hidden beneath the city, is anxiously awaiting the return of a dragon banished to a comet in 1666. When the dragon returns, it will destroy all of London. There's fairy court intrigue, plus a blend of early science and magic as the characters try to figure out how to stop the dragon, or fight it if they can't stop it. It's the third book in a series with Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie, but I thought it stood well on its own. I'm definitely going to pick up the other two. If you liked The Element of Fire, you should check this one out.

To be read when it's out next month:

Murder in the Air by Bill Crider. This is the new installment in the Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery series, set in Clearview, Texas. Rhodes has to deal with murder, the usual weirdness of small town life, and the fact that two of his friends have written a popular crime novel based on him, and he's suddenly a celebrity. These are great mysteries, funny and engaging, and you can start pretty much anywhere in the series.

Just started:

A Wizard of Mars by Diane Duane. This is YA, one of the books in her So You Want to Be a Wizard series. It's about two kids, Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez, who are wizards charged with saving the universe on a regular basis. The series is an excellent blend of SF and fantasy, with magic/super science that follows specific rules. In this book, the characters are trying to unravel the mystery of Mars, and why an empty lifeless planet has figured so prominently in Earth's collective imagination for so long, and what's hidden under the sand. And then they find it.