July 23rd, 2010


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It's look like we're expecting Tropical Storm Bonnie on or about Monday. We could use the rain; I just hope it doesn't rain oil.

I'm hoping to meet up with a friend who's going to be in town Sunday night and get a new author photo taken. Wish me luck! I'm really bad at getting pictures taken, since for some reason I freeze up when the camera comes out. The only time I'm good at getting pictures taken is at Disney with Mickey (the people in those outfits are really good at making you smile at just the right moment). There's a great picture of me with Chewbacca at the Star Tours ride that I would probably use as my author photo, but I have my eyes closed.

This is actually my favorite photo of myself: Collapse )

Superheros vs. the Westboro Baptist Church That picket of Comic-Con played out exactly as people who are not the Westboro Baptist Church expected.

...the good folks of San Diego's Comic-Con were prepared for their arrival with their own special brand of superhuman counter protesting chanting "WHAT DO WE WANT" "GAY SEX" "WHEN DO WE WANT IT" "NOW!" while brandishing ironic (and some sincere) signs. Simply stated: The eclectic assembly of nerdom's finest stood and delivered.

Tobias Buckell has a post on Mid Career Advice for writers and why there's not much of it online.

Barnes and Noble has a 50% off sale for all the DVDs in the Criterion Collection.