July 27th, 2010

Atlantis 3

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Thought I'd start posting a word count meter every so often. The one below is for the third book in The Cloud Roads series.

The books aren't really a trilogy -- they're set in the same world, same characters, and The Serpent Sea is a sequel to The Cloud Roads, but I think each one stands on its own pretty well. (No cliffhanger endings.)

27379 / 120000 words. 23% done!


At Ecstatic Days: Angela Slatter talks about rejection: On the Thickness of Skin

Rejection is part of the life of anyone who is or wants to be a professional writer. According to Jim Hines' survey, it took most writers in the survey about ten years of trying before making a first professional novel sales. And just because you've started to make sales doesn't mean an end to rejection. As a professional author, you're still likely to encounter a lot more rejections than acceptances; it sucks, but it's part of the business.