August 6th, 2010


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I didn't get much sleep last night due to a) not being able to fall asleep and b) an anxiety dream that felt like it went on for hours. I think part of it is not having a cat sleeping on me. (The other two don't like to sleep with us in the summer.)

Anyway, I noticed a couple of new places to buy books and eBooks:

Amazon UK now seems to be selling Kindle editions of three of my books. So far it's just The Element of Fire, City of Bones, and The Gate of Gods. is now retailing books from other publishers and has discounts: If you look down the list, you'll see they've got The Gate of Gods for $5.59 and Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement for $5.33.

Also, someone let me know a while back that the Sony eReader store has the Ile-Rien trilogy.


Mark L. van Name is donating all the earnings of the hardcover of his book Children No More to Falling Whistles: The program is simple: I’m donating every cent I receive (including the advance) from the sale of copies of the Children No More hardcover to Falling Whistles to help rehabilitate and reintegrate child soldiers.

Note On his blog: Which means we have about three weeks to raise money to help rehabilitate and reintegrate child soldiers, because after that, unless we've made it a bestseller, bookstores are likely to remove it from their shelves. (Fortunately, online vendors generally keep a few in stock longer.) So, the big push begins now.