August 24th, 2010

Jack and Teal'c

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I didn't manage to get one word on the page/screen on Sunday, and on Monday I'd written over 1100 words by 9:30 in the morning. So wish me luck today that I can keep that up for a bit.

I'll be heading off to my favorite SF/F convention ever on Thursday: ArmadilloCon. The major guests this year are: Guest of Honor: Rachel Caine, Artist Guest: Cat Conrad, Editor Guest: Anne Sowards, Fan Guest: Elspeth Bloodgood, Toastmistress: Nancy Kress, Urban Fantasy Special Guest: Ilona Andrews, Steampunk Special Guest: Michael Bishop

So if you're in Austin this weekend, stop by and say hello!


Juliet McKenna is collecting SF/F recs for books with strong female characters.

Speaking of strong female characters, Katharine Kimbriel has posted the cover and blurb of her SF novel Fires of Nuala, which is being re-released as an ebook this September.

From Katie Couric's remembrance of Harold Dow:

The first time I met Harold was in 1981, when I was a reporter at KOOL-TV in Phoenix. I was covering one of the biggest stories of the year for us, the return to Arizona of Jimmy Lopez, who had been one of the 52 American hostages held by Iran. I was at the airport as Lopez's jet taxied up to where a group of reporters and officials had gathered. The door to the jet opens, the ladder is lowered, and down comes a TV camera crew.

We were all waiting for Jimmy to emerge when this man with an afro pops out, pauses for a moment as if to say, "I own this story," and heads down the stairs. Someone in the crowd asked, "Who the hell is that guy!?!" "Harold Dow," someone answered. Harold was doing what he did best, kicking the hell out of the competition. He not only got the first interview with Jimmy, he had ridden with him in the airplane!