August 25th, 2010

Teyla Green Tree

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I've noticed over the years that the first half of a book goes much slower for me than the second. There's been a couple of exceptions, but normally the first half is a slow slog, with a lot of going back to revise and change and rewrite, etc. I suspect that's the way it is for a lot of people, at least those of us who don't outline and pretty much wing the plot as we go along.

Another word count for the third Cloud Roads book, which really needs a title:

40312 / 120000 words. 34% done!


I wanted to post another link to my Links for Beginning Authors page, for any new people dropping by. It has sections with links to articles on Basic Information, Craft of Writing/the Writing Life, Business of Writing Information, Submitting to Magazines, Finding an Agent, Writing Queries, and Writing Proposals.

Everyone seems to be going off to AussieCon 4 in Australia, the 68th WorldCon, this week, and a lot of people are stopping off on their way at Au Contraire, which is being held this weekend in New Zealand. (And I hate/envy all of you.) I went to New Zealand several years ago and would love to go again at some point.


A situation that really needs some help:

The Nation: How to Help Pakistan