August 26th, 2010


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I'm getting ready to leave for ArmadilloCon later today. Tomorrow I'll be teaching in the writers workshop all day, then Saturday I'll have a couple of panels, a signing, and I get to interview Guest of Honor rachelcaine at 2:00 pm. Sunday I have a reading and another panel, then to home. Hopefully in between all that will be lots of going out to restaurants and eating, and shopping in the dealers room.

I think the hotel might have free wireless, so if I get a chance I'll post a co report as I go along. Hopefully it won't mostly be about what I had to eat.

A few links before I leave for the convention:

A post by Laura Lippman: Ladies of the Club: Middle-age women are the engine that drive fiction in this country. Ian McEwan told the New Yorker this year that he literally couldn't give novels away to men.

Shared Worlds: Zombies, Alien Babies, and Book Recommendations from Students: A report on this year's Shared World Teen Writing Workshop by Jeff VanderMeer

Every year now for the past three years I've gone to Wofford College in South Carolina in the summer to help run Shared Worlds, a teen writing camp for students interested in science fiction and fantasy. The camp is fairly unique, in that the first week the students split off into groups of ten and build their own SF or fantasy world. This years' worlds were incredibly complex, including mind-blowing creations like living islands and space squid. During this time, they're also getting discussion of biology, politics, and other relevant subjects from Wofford faculty. In the second week, they write short stories in their worlds, which are then constructively critiqued by professional writers.

ETA: and Shared Worlds Teen Writing Camp.

An RPG recommendation from Black Gate: Hyperborean Mice: Grim Swords & Sorcery Action… With Talking Mice

This sounds awesome. The ancient White Lords, albino mice with magical powers, rule over the valley of Hyperborea, but their empire is crumbling. Barbarian rat tribes, deadly predators and political intrigue threaten to bring their mousy civilization to an end. Terrible predators like foxes and owls take the place of giants and dragons. Voracious shrew clans raid the Fallows, seeking mice and rats to fill their larders. Centipedes scuttle beneath the underbrush, seeking prey. Hawks force the inhabitants to stay under cover during the day, while owls stalk the sky at night… Legendary horrors stalk the land, unique predators with potent magical abilities of their own. The terrifying Mocker, a centipede whose only voice is the imitated cries of his victims. The serpent Ssaaa gathers a cult of worshipers to do her bidding in the valley. And no mouse dares stand against dread Hoorooru, the ancient ruler of Rookswood and the enemy of the gods.