August 28th, 2010

We Come From Earth

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I'm having a great time at ArmadilloCon and was actually so busy this is pretty much my first time to post.

I got into Austin Thursday late afternoon, successfully reached the hotel, (which is in the Arboretum and has a very nice view of the part), met up with j_cheney and Patrice Sarath, and we headed off to the guest dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant. A lot of the guests and concom were there, and we got to talk a bit to the awesome Michael Bishop.

Friday I was teaching in the writers workshop all day (my teaching partner was Matthew Bey, of the famous Space Squid) and we had a really excellent group of writers and stories.

The weird thing that happened was early Friday morning. Some of the teachers and other people running the workshop met at La Madeleine for breakfast, and while we were sitting there. A car hit the wall of the restaurant. Yes, a CAR HIT THE WALL OF THE RESTAURANT. It didn't go through the wall, but still. It was kind of exciting.

I need to get going now because I have a panel at 10:00 and a fairly full day until after 3:00. Hopefully cars won't hit anything else associated with the con.