August 31st, 2010


A Couple More ArmadilloCon Bits and Links

At ArmadilloCon, the last panel I was on went over time, and we were still talking where there was a dramatic BANG pause BANG pause BANG on the door. Then it opened, and Jonathan Miles the programming director came in, and said, "You don't have to leave the convention, but you can't stay in here." That was the best way to call time on a panel I've ever seen.

Also, on the same panel (History as Background), we were talking a bit about why you have to know how things work in the real world -- cultures, cities, wars, etc -- before you can make up your own in created world fantasy, and I said that for example, if you have a floating city, where does the waste go? Someone in the audience said in a dramatic voice "Down!" And how you can use that to have something horrible happen to your characters, something funny, or explain why the people who live on the ground below are so angry all the time.


Black Gate is doing a series on their steampunk Zeppelin road trip to Dragon*Con: Black Gate Zeppelin to Dragon*Con Update Episode 4: Boys Smell

Another cool Black Gate-related thing: Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones' first novel The Desert of Souls is available for preorder now. It's the characters from his Dabir and Asim stories which have appeared in the magazine.

Interesting article from Curiosity Killed the Eccentric Yoruba: Africans in Ancient China and Vice Versa

From Huffington Post: Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner speak out on the Franzen Feud
With the publication of Jonathan Franzen's fourth novel, Freedom, which was extensively covered in the New York Times while Franzen himself appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, a controversy broke out online over whether Franzen's star treatment was indicative of the literary establishment's alleged shoddy treatment of commercial writers, in particular writers of what is commonly referred to as 'women's fiction.'