September 1st, 2010

Stargate Monuments

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It's my birthday today, and my husband gave me an iPad as a surprise combination birthday/anniversary gift! That was awesome! Then Verizon took my internet away for most of the day. That was not so awesome.

I just got it back and am trying to catch up on birthday wishes, but thank you, very much, to everyone who sent messages, and virtual LJ gifts and LJ tokens. That's been very awesome, especially since they all came at once!

Anyway, I'm still catching up, but here are the links I meant to post this morning:

The Escapist: Muslims in my Monitor by Saladin Ahmed.

Videogames have, often enough, contributed to this rhetoric, but games also complicate and even undermine such universal hatred. Like TV and Hollywood movies, the purposes of videogames are to make money, and to entertain. But that's not all videogames do - games can also teach us how to think about "other" peoples, how to hate "bad guys," and, once in a rare while, how to take a second, more critical look at the Us vs. Them dichotomy that we've been handed by other parts of our culture.

Lawrence Person's Futuramen: ArmadilloCon photos part 1, ArmadilloCon photos part 2