September 5th, 2010

Stargate Monuments

Things That Make You Wish You Were a Serial Killer

Had kind of a crappy day yesterday. I went out to eat breakfast migas with friends, and when I got home, our neighborhood was... I can't think of the words-- aurally deluged? Under aural attack? A "church" that had set up in a storefront on the commercial street about three or four blocks away had decided to have a party in the parking lot, set up loud speakers and a DJ, and was playing music and screaming at the surrounding buildings and houses. It was literally so loud at times, if you were standing outside, you couldn't hear yourself talk. If you were inside, with the windows shut, it was loud enough to drown out the TV. Sometimes it would temporarily stop or be turned down for a few minutes, then it would be turned up much, much louder. I think whenever someone went up there to complain, they turned it down, waited until the person left, and then turned it up twice as loud.

We found out later that the cops went by fairly early on, found out they didn't have a permit (of course not) and told them to disconnect the amps and loudspeaker. They did, and the "pastor" said they were about to shut down in another half hour. Of course, that was a lie, and as soon as the cops were gone, they turned it up as loud as possible. Apparently the "pastor" who was screaming and singing offkey into the microphone about how he used to be a criminal but had come to Jesus thinks lying to the cops is perfectly a-okay. And it was clear he knew people were calling to complain, since he kept screaming "I know you can hear me." Yes, that was infuriating.

I ended up having to leave and go shopping in order not to commit mass murder. (Shopping was not fun, because I really couldn't afford to buy anything and I needed to be writing, and I didn't feel so great.) It went on for another hour after that, until the cops came back and shut them down. (Of course, after the cops left, they turned the music back on. Cops apparently went back. It stopped permanently a little after that.)

It was really, really nerve-shatteringly loud, and I felt sick for a while afterward, from a combination of hearing-torture and thwarted homicidal rage. Anyway, that was my Saturday, and the Saturday of a lot of other people in a neighborhood of houses and apartments, where a lot of people were probably looking forward to having their windows open on one of the first below-90s Saturdays in a long time.


The Hugo Award Winners were announced, and congrats to eldritchhobbit and StarShipSofa Podcast, ellen_datlow, Brad Foster, and Clarkesworld Magazine and all the other winners!