September 13th, 2010

Dr. Orpheus

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I'm having all kinds of trouble getting started this morning, mostly sinus-related reasons. We did some cleaning out of the kitchen cabinets yesterday to make room for a new wok, and I need to take the resulting carload of random crap we don't need to the Good Will at some point this morning.

First episode of the new season of Venture Brothers started last night.

I was going to do a post on the anniversary of hurricane Ike today, but maybe tomorrow.


From janni: A Writer’s Responsibility: It’s a book thing. by carriejones

Writer F’s book is not contemporary gay teen fiction. It’s a genre. It’s a genre the boy liked. And when he looked at the cover he had no idea that the main character, the hero, was gay and that he’d fall in love with another guy and that he’d have to battle bigotry along with evil, less human, monsters.

The boy took out Writer F's book. He read it in a night. He reread it the next day. The book gave him courage. The book helped him find the strength to believe in himself at a time when he was right at the brink of suicide.

From Writer Beware: Getting Published is Not a Crap Shoot
This kind of thinking makes me crazy. I'm not saying there isn't some truth in it--there are thousands of manuscripts in circulation at any given time. The number that find publication is very small. Agents and editors are overworked. But the assumptions that accompany these nuggets of truth are incorrect--and so are the conclusions drawn from them.

British Explorers Map Out Cave Network Underneath Borneo Jungle