September 14th, 2010


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Yesterday was the two year anniversary of hurricane Ike.

Here's a link to's Big Picture One Year After (I've actually met the man in picture #11. He's the owner of Bistro LeCroy on the Strand in Galveston, and we've eaten lunch there several times. Which you should all do if you have a chance, because it is truly delicious and worth far more than the small amounts they charge for it.)


From jess_ka: Abra SW is posting a serialized steampunk novel, to get donations for her mother's cancer treatment: The Circus of Brass and Bone Five Things You Think Will Make You Happy (But Won't) It's all good advice, but the section about power strikes me as especially true.
The thing is, it's the desire itself that's poisonous...These are the people who are only nice guys because of fear of retribution if they do otherwise, so their main goal is to become strong enough that no retribution is possible...

So it's not just that power will destroy you. It's that the urge itself is bad news. That desire for power is a vicious, ravenous animal and feeding it only makes it strong enough to tear its way out of your belly and go on a bloody rampage.

I think there's a lot of bad online behavior that goes back to a desire for power, like trolls, online dogpiles, etc.