September 15th, 2010

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Heard some very bad news yesterday: The Sudden Loss of David Thompson David was the publicity manager of Murder by the Book, the best bookstore in Houston and one of the best bookstores, period. He was one of the people who made the store such a fun, friendly place, and he was fantastic at recommending books. The book signings I've done there were some of the most fun and most smoothly run, and David was always helpful and encouraging. He was also the owner of Busted Flush Press, and very active in the mystery book community. And he was only 38 years old.

If you're in Houston, I think a good way to honor David's memory would be to buy a book from Murder by the Book. If you're not in Houston, buy one from another independent bookstore (In the US, you can search for books by title at indies that sell online through IndieBound) or if that's not possible, from the nearest place where they sell books.


And here's a book rec:

I just finished Clementine by Cherie Priest. This book is set in an alternate steampunk version of the civil war era US, the same world as Boneshaker. Croggon Hainey is an escaped slave turned airship pirate, searching for his stolen airship the Free Crow, and on the way he and his crew meet an unusual ally and find out the strange reason why their ship has been stolen. It's a great action-adventure steampunk story, and I enjoyed it a lot. (Click the link to see the great cover.)