September 19th, 2010

Stargate Monuments

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It's a cool morning (so far) and I can hear squirrels thumping around up on the roof. It's been a slow weekend, though I'm hoping to get some work done today. I've been mostly tinkering with a new cleaner design for my web site and experimenting with Wordpress.

I've been having some odd, somewhat depressing dreams. On Friday I dreamed that I found Spike, (my dog that died of cancer three years ago), running in a field and took him back home. And then I called my mother, who passed away several years ago, to tell her about it. And then yesterday I dreamed I was trying to get back from somewhere, walking in the dark, carrying Harry, my cat who died last month. I'm more than ready for something more cheerful.

Something neat coming up:

If you haven't seen this already, it'll be on PBS Masterpiece Mystery in October: Sherlock I absolutely loved it.

Neat stuff to look at:

This was very cool, from WebUrbanist: Star Wars Invades Dubai in Digital Art Series

Old article with some really beautiful photos: Wonders of the Chinese Landscape

Airships and Tentacles art series by Myke Amend.

Publishing links:

From Help! I Need a Publisher!: In Which I Meet a Delusional Wannabe
Just don't expect anyone to read it if it's not good enough. And you are not the first or last person to tell me that your book came as a gift from above. To be honest, that's what it often feels like when an idea hits a writer. It's called inspiration. It should be followed almost immediately by a lot of perspiration.

From Amanda Craig: Should I Have Heard of You?
The question, “Should I have heard of you?” is one every author dreads. When Hilary Mantel won the Booker Prize last year, she said in her speech that now, at last, she could answer, “Yes”. Few are so fortunate. “Maybe if you read literary fiction”, is one answer; “maybe if you read newspapers,” is another; “maybe if you read at all” is a third.