September 22nd, 2010

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I've been getting work done but not feeling all that well. It's allergies and sinus issues from all the storm fronts coming up from the coast which storm and then don't rain. Anyway, to work!


From sbisson: Star Warred Photos of a Star Wars Art Car

Huffington Post: World Alzheimer's Day: 10 Tips to Prevent Alzheimer's My mother had Alzheimer's for a few years before she died. A good friend from SF/F and media fandom also has it, and I have no idea what's happened to her, since after a while her family dropped contact with most of her friends. I have one last letter from her where, by the end of it, I was certain she remembered who I was, but after that the letters got very vague and I knew they were written by a family member. In some ways, after seeing what happened with my mother, I don't want to know any more.

826 National These are the people behind the Echo Park Time Travel Mart and other neat stores.

Houston Chronicle: David Thompson Loved Noir. And a Redhead