September 26th, 2010

Stargate Pyramid

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I think I cycled through every possible variety of anxiety dream last night. Not fun. This included the one where I'm in a house or apartment alone at night and can't get the outside door to lock, or it keeps breaking, there are complicated locks that don't work right, etc.

I often have very elaborate house dreams, or dreams about very elaborate houses. Not always expensive or lavish ones, just houses I've never seen in a lot of detail. Some of them need renovations. (I know where that part of the dream comes from.) The houses are always places I've never seen before, but sometimes I have dream versions of places I've been. I have a mental version of the university I went to that I go back to in dreams quite a bit. It's Escher-like with a side order of The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, but still recognizably based on the real place.

There were a lot of good suggestions for older children's books in my post on Friday.


Charity Auction: For SGA fans: Joe Flanigan supports Sarah Geary Last year, our dear friend Sarah was diagnosed with ALS. ... Our mission is simple. We want to slow down the progression of Sarah's disease by providing her with the best quality of care she can receive. But, for this, we need your help.

They're auctioning off John Sheppard's skateboard from Stargate: Atlantis and a lunch in LA with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett.

Escstatic Days: The Apex Book of World SF Volume 2 Table of Contents Stories from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cuba, New Zealand, Russia, Israel, Singapore, Mexico and more.

World SF: Apex Magazine to Host Special Arab/Muslim issue in November