October 5th, 2010

John Green Tree

Taking Writing Questions

In honor of Nanowrimomo starting next month, I thought I'd do writing questions again. If anyone has a question about anything writing-related and/or publishing-related in general, or in particular, comment with it here and I'll answer it in a later post, if I know what the answer is.

I'm still in the mid-book slog, where getting 300 to 500 words a day is good for me, even though it's much less than my usual amount. I've never done Wrinanomomo, because it just doesn't work that way for me, though I know it's great for a lot of people.

I also don't read writing advice books, though I know a lot of people find those incredibly helpful. One thing I think people should realize early on is that everyone's process for writing is different, and if your process enables you to finish a story or book, then it's a successful process, and it doesn't matter if it doesn't conform to anyone else's experience.

I'm not a big fan of conformity in general, and as I get older, I like it less and less.

Food, food, food:

I made beef stew last night, in honor of our slightly lower tempertures, and it was very successful. I got the meat on Saturday from the ranch that comes to the local Farmer's Market, and used this recipe. Though if we have red wine available I like to add that, too.

A new thing I tried recently was chicken with Thai green curry. The second try, with coconut milk, worked out much better and was yummy.


Joe McKinney: 10 Rules For Writing About Cops Joe is a writer, and a homicide detective in San Antonio.

Neat art: When Steampunk Meets Surrealism
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Just wanted to do a quickie post and point out that I just noticed that The Cloud Roads is now listed on the Night Shade catalog here.

From the catalog: Coming March 2011

The new novel from the author of The Death of the Necromancer

Moon has spent his life hiding what he is--a shape-shifter able to transform himself into a winged creature of flight. An orphan with only vague memories of his own kind, Moon tries to fit in among the tribes of his river valley, with mixed success. Just as Moon is once again discovered and cast out by his adopted tribe, he discovers a shape-shifter like himself... someone who seems to know exactly what he is, who promises that Moon will be welcomed into his community.

What this stranger doesn't tell Moon is that his presence will tip the balance of power... that his extraordinary lineage is crucial to the colony's survival... and that his people face extinction at the hands of the dreaded Fell.

Moon must overcome a lifetime of conditioning in order to save and himself... and his newfound kin.

Trade Paperback - 978-1-59780-216-1
300 Pages - $14.99

I have an ISBN, and everything. :)

Like I said on Facebook, this is exciting for me, since it's been two years since I've had a book published, and I forgot how all this feels.