November 10th, 2010


My Aerobics Class is Not High School

After a couple of weeks off because of travel and deadlines, I've been going back to my bar aerobics class and now ache all over. It's basically lifting bars and hand weights very fast to music, plus other floor exercises like planks, push-ups, and something called "dancing pillars" which sounds way more fun than it actually is.

I've been going to this class for years now, and I like the fact that while the exercises are tough the vibe is relaxed. There's a lot of people like me who work at home, or have adjustable schedules, plus grad students, retired people, people who have injuries they need to compensate for, mothers with young kids at home for whom this is their only adult interaction during the day, etc. Our instructors are very good, though a few years back we had one for a while who was more of the bad gym teacher variety you remember in your nightmares from high school. Her technique with the exercises was okay, it was just her attitude. Generally at the end of the class you always do abs and then stretching. And the class needs to end on time because people have to get back to work or to university classes, kids need to be retrieved from the gym's day care, and so on.

Sometimes this instructor would do this really annoying thing where she would start a floor exercise near the end of class and just keep going with it and going with it and going with it to the point where it's actually bad for you. It was like one of those bad high school gym teacher tests of your endurance and obedience or something, with an added bonus of showing how tough she is and you are not. Except that doesn't really work outside of high school. (And she wasn't really that tough. We had other female instructors who could bench press her with one hand.) I would look around the room, and people would be doing different exercises, or just lying there looking at their watches. One day she was doing this and it got to be 1:00, time for class to stop, which was annoying because we still hadn't had our abs and stretching. (My OCD does not like it when things do not end on time in the way they are supposed to.) And I had stuff I had to get done, so I got up and started putting my mat and equipment up. And the instructor said, loudly, "You're leaving?"

I said, "It's after one o'clock."

And she said, "Oh, it's too hard?" Yeah, bad high school gym teacher, trying to humiliate me in front of the class.

Except most of the class then yelled at her "SHE SAID IT'S AFTER ONE O'CLOCK!!!!"

I didn't know these people except to say hi in class, but it was very nice to know we were all on the same page.

She said "Oh!" and ended the class, embarrassed and cheated of her prey. We never did get our abs and stretching. After a couple of months she left, and now we have all really good instructors again.


We just had to pay $1700 to get the transmission fixed on Troyce's aging truck. Augh. I'm ready for Thanksgiving, or possibly just ready to eat a large amount of food.



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