November 22nd, 2010


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I need to go get new cat food this morning, because the amount the cats were eating had dropped off dramatically, and I finally realized it was because the new! improved! version of the food had a different texture, one they specifically don't like.

Does everyone else have cats who knead you? Tasha doesn't, Harry didn't, but Bella kneads me on a regular schedule, every day. She was a barn kitten who had been rescued after the farm's owner was killed in a fire, so I don't know how much time she spent with her mother. I also don't think she had a lot of interaction with other cats between the rescue and us adopting her, and I'm not sure how long she was in the shelter. All our cats are indoor-only, but she's the only one who did live outside as a kitten. And she's clearly decided outside is not for her, since she hides in the bedroom whenever the front door is open and doesn't even particularly like it when someone rings the doorbell.


Saw this on Facebook: Barbara Hambly is doing the Further Adventures of characters from her previous series.
As pretty much everybody knows, fantasy series get dumped by publishers – and as pretty much every author knows, other publishers generally do not fall over themselves to pick up these abandoned series.

That doesn’t mean the author doesn’t want to write about those people anymore, or that fans of the series are no longer interested.

These people are very real to me. I like them.

I also like being able to pay my medical insurance.

The stories are $5 each, and they're from the Benjamin January series, Antryg and Joanna, Sun Wolf and Starhawk, John and Jenny, the Sisters of the Raven, and others.