November 23rd, 2010


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While some parts of the country are buried under snow and ice, it's 80 here, humid, and the wind has died down.

I have no words of wisdom, so I offer links:

* Judith Tarr's annual holiday mentoring sale: Fast News Dump AAANNNDD...The FIFTH (Yes! Fifth!) Annual Holiday SALE!
Over here is a general explanation of what I do. The rate has gone up to $40 an hour but I'm holding it steady for now. What it adds up to is a one-on-one, you decide what you need, I work with you to get it, ongoing for as long as you want or need, online class in writing and developing fiction. You can start at any point, from first idea to finished ms. needing revision (hello, NaNo participants!). I have done poetry, and can talk to you about nonfiction, memoir, etc.

Here's the deal: Between now and December 7th, I'm offering 5 hours for $180. That's $20 off the regular rate. This is time enough for a query/synopsis/sample review and some revisions, a good start on an ongoing novel development or revision, or a fairly in-depth review of a fistful of short pieces.

* Guardian article: The Royal Society's Lost Women Scientists A study of the Royal Society's archives reveals that women played a far more important role in the development and dissemination of science than had previously been thought, says Richard Holmes

* A post from Mark W. Tiedemann's Blog that really resonates with me: Bullying
Here is what the psychoanalysis seems always to miss, what perhaps we don't want to acknowledge about Our Children. Bullying is in its most common forms a power issue. It's kids flexing their muscles, lording it over others, testing boundaries, asserting dominance. It doesn't always appear to be bullying, because often it doesn't take physical form, at least not the form of punching and kicking. Often it can just be labeling and subsequent ostracization. But the pay-off is in terms of power. The bully gets off on it. It is fun for them. They are not doing this out of some hidden self-loathing--they like watching the victim cringe or cry, they like hearing the laughter of others who are watching, and they like the momentary mantle of superiority knocking someone down confers.

* Tobias Buckell answers a question about writing: Am I Better Off Living a Different Dream?
I know that writers write. And I’m approaching *deleted* having lived nearly my entire life dreaming of being a writer without having written anything of significance. So if writers write, and I’ve spent *deleted* years not writing, I’m probably *not* a writer.