November 24th, 2010


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Yesterday I made an apple pie, and fought off the wasp invasion of the living room with the vacuum cleaner. Seriously, the wasps come down our chimney sometimes but this was crazy. There was at least ten of them, and we were finding more stragglers all evening. The vacuum cleaner still occasionally makes a "bzzzt" noise.

More links:

I have an entry in the SF Signal Mind Meld: Great Gift Ideas For Geeks and Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans I talk about neat SF/F related presents.

Magical Musings: Persistence of Desire by Caridad Ferrer. Ferrer talks about the long hard road to getting her next books published:
The publisher pretty much hated this book I had poured so much of my heart and soul into. They said my lead character was too unlikable and the manuscript would require far too much work in order to make her redeemable. I was devastated— I didn’t think my lead, Soledad, was unlikable in the slightest. She was strong, sure, and extremely forthright. She was ambitious and unapologetic about it, but how did these things make her unlikable? If anything, I thought they were great qualities for a lead female in a young adult novel. Unfortunately, what I thought no longer mattered. They didn't like it, they weren't going to publish it.

Strange Horizons: Terra Incognita: A Brief History of Mexican Science Fiction by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Bare Bones e-zine: The Ballantine/Del Rey Paperback Covers of Ralph McQuarrie: A Checklist (1976-1987)