November 30th, 2010

The Cloud Roads

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I added an update on my post yesterday about the pirate NookBook edition of The Element of Fire on, that after a friend found the right email address to complain to (the corrections and pubit ones listed on the site weren't responding), the NookBooks were changed to "unavailable." After that it looked like the pirate either tried to use one of the NookBook ISBNs (that was still attached to The Element of Fire) for a different book or tried to sell The Element of Fire under a different name, but now the entries have been completely removed from the listing.

That's a relief. I spent a lot of time over the holiday and the weekend trying not to think about it, but it was like trying not to think about an elephant sitting on your head. I know there are a lot of pirate sites out there, but having a pirate ebook edition slapped up there on Barnes and Noble was kind of a shock.

On to the good news: In the mail last night I got three copies of the ARCs for The Cloud Roads! These are the advance reading copies with the uncorrected proof, which goes out to reviewers, magazines, etc. These are especially nice in that they have the real cover in color, which is not something publishers do every time. (Usually you get a plain white cover with the title and author's name.) I haven't had a fancy ARC with the real cover since The Death of the Necromancer, so that's really nice.

Oh, and I'm probably going to have a contest in January to give one of the ARCs away, as soon as I figure out what kind of contest to have.

(And a couple of more places, Books-a-Million and Powell's, have now added listings to preorder The Cloud Roads, plus some of the others are offering better discounts. If you want to check it out the links and first chapter same are on my my site here or on LJ here.)


A funny video: So You Want to Write a Novel It sounds crazy, but I have heard pretty much all these things said completely seriously. This is what a lot of people really think about writing.