December 1st, 2010

Atlantis 3

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It's actually getting down to the 30s here, at least at night. (Daytime it's still warming up to the 60s and 70s). It may finally be almost cold enough that we can have a fire in our fireplace to drive off the wasps living in the chimney, so we can stop finding them in the living room.

Psych is on tonight! And it's the one with the cast of Twin Peaks.


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P.N. Elrod: PublishAmerica's Latest Money-maker
The gist is that PA is offering to enter their writers in Amazon Studio's scriptwriting contest to the tune of 99.00 a pop.

Since Amazon has several contests running, it's logical to conclude that PA will offer to enter writers in EACH of them.

At 99.00 a pop.

PA fails to mention that writers submitting entries directly to Amazon themselves can do it for free:

Book View Cafe: Hidden Fires by Katharine Eliska Kimbirel is now available. This is book 2, the sequel to Fires of Nuala

Writer Beware: Fake Writing Jobs on