December 3rd, 2010

John - Aurora

Gift Book Recommendations

It's December 3 and I feel like I'm already behind on Christmas. I need to get Christmas cards and get them in the mail. (And I like the kind that are a) pretty b) cheap c) use recycled paper plus bonus d) benefiting a hospital or charity or something. It's amazingly hard to find ones that combine all those elements.) I need to disassemble the house, clean it, and reassemble it. I need to do something about the great wasp invasion of 2010. (Fortunately the great sugar ant invasion of 2010 seems to be petering out.) I need to figure out good presents that are a) pretty and b) cheap.

In light of that, let's do a book recommendation post for the present-giving winter holiday you celebrate. Post about a book or books in the comments that you would a) like to get for a present b) planning to get for someone else c) think other people should get for you or someone else. Bonus points for SF, fantasy, mystery, or romance, but any kind of fiction or non-fiction will do.

Bonus links that are pretty but not cheap:

The WorldBuilders Fundraiser has already raised over $60,000 for Heifer International. Contribute and enter to win fabulous signed books as prizes.

The Warrior's Way is finally out this weekend and I am so there.

The Nervous Breakdown: 12 Common Misperceptions About Publishing especially number 10:
10. Authors are rich.

The most visible authors are often pretty well off, it’s true. But most authors who rely on writing as their primary means of support are poor indeed. Authorship, like it or not, is a form of celebrity, and we live in a winner-take-all society with very few winners. That said, even the top one percent of richest authors doesn’t hold a candle to the top one percent of creative people in, say, Hollywood. Becoming an author in order to get rich is like going to the desert in order to become wet.