December 7th, 2010


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For Eureka fans, there's a new Christmas episode on tonight, plus a Warehouse 13 episode, I think.

I loved the Psych tribute to Twin Peaks. I wish I'd DVRed it though, because the original went to about 1 hour ten minutes, and the repeat seems to have cut out that ten minutes. (All cable repeats cut at least a minute or two or more from the original airing, which is why I love DVDs.)

There are some great recommendations for books to give as gifts in my Gift Book Posts on LJ here and Dreamwidth here. Feel free to add more!

I still feel like I'm scrambling frantically but not getting much of anything done. I did spackle a giant crack in the corner of the dining room yesterday, that looked like it was getting big enough for something horrible to crawl out of. There's a lot of clay in the ground under our house, which causes dramatic shifting, especially in years like this where there's been a bad drought. (Either we're flooding due to hurricanes or in a drought, there's no middle ground any more.) (I guess it's better than building on top of limestone and listening to it crack dramatically as it absorbs water or dries out, which is what happens in the Hill Country.) We can't afford to do anything about the shifting, if there's anything you can do, so I spackle. Yeah, it's not the best solution.