December 10th, 2010


More Places to Donate Books

Thanks to the people who linked to the Places to Donate Books post yesterday!

I wanted to point out that if you like to buy new books online and send them to strangers (which I sure do) the schools listed on the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation have lists of specific books they need/want. (Just click on the link for a school, then look on the righthand side of the screen for the list of books, plus the addresses needed for either UPS or the post office to deliver them to the school. Then use the contact form to tell the site admin which books you ordered, so she can mark them as donated.) There are fun books and serious books on the lists, and getting the schools the books they need or the ones the kids really want is very cool.

They also have lists of other needed items, like like first aid supplies and tape and other supplies for the school libraries.

Julie Kenner has a donation post: Help build a library in Africa…and possibly win free books for you!

Patrick Rothfuss' WorldBuilders Fundraiser has raised over $100,000 for Heifer International and is still going! You can still contribute and a $10.00 donation will enter you in the drawing for fabulous prizes.

On the gift book side, Jeff VanderMeer has a post on Gift Book Suggestions for the Imaginative, the Curious, the Weird